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Why David Foster Wallace should not be worshipped as a secular saint

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25 Great Articles and Essays by David Foster Wallace

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The Best of David Foster Wallace

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Good People By David Foster Wallace

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David Foster Wallace and "The Long Thing" is a state-of-the art guide through Wallace's three major works, including the generation-defining Infinite Jest. These essays provide fresh new readings of each of Wallace's novels as well as thematic essays that trace out.

LibraryThing Review User Review - Mitchell_Bergeson_Jr - LibraryThing. I absolutely loved David Foster Wallace's collection of essays in Consider The Lobster.

5 stars. I found that all of the essays were amazingly well written and thoughtful.4/5(28). Both Flesh and Not combines David Foster Wallace's best-loved essays with work never before published in the UK.

‘Both Flesh and Not’: essays by David Foster Wallace

Beloved for his brilliantly discerning eye, his verbal elasticity and his uniquely generous imagination, David Foster Wallace was heralded by critics and fans as the voice of a redoakpta.coms: 1.

A complete collection of DFW's nonfiction articles and essays. 25 Great Articles and Essays by David Foster Wallace A complete collection of DFW's nonfiction articles and essays.

Consider the Lobster and Other Essays, by David Foster Wallace

David Foster Wallace Subscribes to the The Believer Magazine with a Little Humor & Snark () Noam Chomsky Calls Postmodern Critiques of Science Over-Inflated “Polysyllabic Truisms” Based in Seoul, Colin Marshall writes and broadcasts on cities a nd culture.

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