Essay on my favourite colour green

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Apr 16,  · I have to write a 20 sentence paper about my favorite color, GD plz critique it. 1 2.

The Colors of the Fall in Tuscany

My favorite color is green for a variety of reasons, but it all started off when I was six years old. All of my friends in the neighborhood had one of three favorite colors, red, blue, or pink.

Because of this, I wanted to be different, so I chose. My favourite colour is green and I have loved this colour from my early childhood. Green is the colour of nature, liveliness, fertility and freshness.

The first reason I like this colour is that nature bears this colour everywhere. My Color Personality. My Favorite Color is Green Meaning behind what your favorite color reveals about your personality. All the latest news, reviews, pictures and video on culture, the arts and entertainment.

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Essay on my favourite colour green
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