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William Grant Still

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Orchestra Concert

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William Grant Still (May 11, – December 3, ) was an American composer of more than works, including five symphonies and eight operas. Often referred to as "the Dean" of African-American composers, Still was the first American composer to have an opera produced by the New York City Opera.

Still is known most for his first symphony, the "Afro-American", which was until the s. American Composers Orchestra. The American Composers Orchestra is the nation's only orchestra dedicated exclusively to performing symphonic works by American composers and to musical exchange between composers of the Americas.

Orchestra Concert. I was unable to attend either of the two symphony orchestra concerts this semester due to my busy schedule as a rugby player, however, I had attended a symphony orchestra concert last Fall semester with my girlfriend for her St.

Josephs College /5(1). Take a deep breath and get ready to learn all about the woodwinds! Sound All Around is the perfect way to introduce your child to the orchestra.

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